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CCTV Installation Brisbane

CCTV has become a must have for residential and commercial properties alike, Australia wide. Experience tells us that simply having visible security cameras can act as a deterrent for criminals, helping to ensure your home or business is well protected. 

Modern CCTV camera systems are increasingly complicated and can be a challenge to install and link. This is why you should invest in the services of an expert, such as the fully licensed and qualified CCTV specialists at Mayo's.

Why install CCTV?

There are so many reasons to install a quality surveillance system for your business or home:

  • They deter criminals
  • Can help you monitor your workplace and ensure staff are working as agreed and refraining from dangerous or illegal activity
  • Provide clear evidence in the instance there is a break in or theft from your premises
  • Allow for accurate record keeping; for example missing deliveries despite the driver insisting they were there—CCTV footage provides clear, irrefutable proof
  • Can support better workplace health and safety by showing evidence of accidents or exposing potential hazards

Hikvision Camera

Residential & Commercial CCTV Installation

At Mayo's, we can install various kinds of cameras to suit any home or business. We can make it possible to view your cameras over the web – easily view your cameras on your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Want more? We also offer CCTV systems with smartphone capability so you can view live video streams, control pan and zoom in and out all from your phone. The home security camera installation options fit with your security alarm system

We supply multiple types of cameras available for all different functions, we have ‘Bullets’, great outdoor use with the longest zoom of our 3 options, ‘Turrets’ great for indoor and outdoor use with a wide lens great around entryways or around corners. Lastly we have ‘Domes’ very similar to turrets but come in a glass dome, great for locations wanting to have discreet cameras as they blend into their environment. For ease of use, we also link multiple cameras to 1 network so you can review all footage easily. 


Best places to install home security cameras

Front door

Statistics show that 34% of burglars use the front door. It’s also where package thieves are likely to strike.

Back and side doors

Doors that are out-of-sight allow visitors to enter undetected, whether they’re invited or not. Nearly one-fourth of all break-ins happen through the back door.

Garage and driveway

Garages are a common target of burglars because they’re one of the weakest entry points. A camera pointed at your garage and/or driveway keeps a watchful eye on bikes, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars and everyone that handles them.


Monitoring the yard will help you keep tabs on anyone scoping out your house from the outside. It’s also handy for capturing the activities of your children, furry family members and any trespassers.

Why choose us?

At Mayo's we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, prompt and reliable service. As fully qualified, licensed and insured CCTV specialists you can trust us to  get the  job done right, first time, every time. 

If protecting your home or workplace is a priority, let us help you get peace of mind with the best CCTV technology available. Contact Mayo's today on 0401 66 99 00 for a free quote and advice on the best security solutions for your home or business.