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Clipsal Iconic Switched Socket - 1xEx2 USB Charger A+C

$88.09 AUD
Approx $56.82 USD

or 4 payments of $22.02 with

Model: 3025USBAC-VW

Installation prices are based on a basic install. If any modifications, circuit upgrades, and/or longer pipe or cable runs are required, additional charges will apply.

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This Clipsal Iconic double Power Point with Type A+C USB outlet is designed to eliminate bulky chargers whilst freeing up Power Points.
Two dedicated independent ports optimise charging whilst monitoring the temperature of the device to ensure internal components don't overheat.


  • USB chargers have a patented rotatable head for easy reorientation
  • They also include patented current management technology, which reduces the output current to help prevent overheating and minimising charge times
  • USB Charging Mechanisms provide a robust mechanism for wall plate USB charging applications
  • USB Charging Mechanisms devices incorporate over-current and overtemperature protection and are capable of withstanding persistent short circuit conditions, making them rugged, robust and reliable

Always with protection in mind

  • Safety messages on the protective flaps clearly indicate they should only be opened by certified electricians
  • Protective flaps help prevent direct access to the screws after installation
  • Socket grids are safe when installed
  • All sockets come with internal shutters providing additional protection
  • Tapping pad for spirit level

Sockets With a Difference

  • Hole centre indicators for using a 57mm hole-saw for installations
  • Captive terminal screws to prevent them from coming out
  • 84mm mounting centres fit standard mounting accessories
  • Pre-mounted screws for faster fit off, O rings prevent screws dislodging during transportation
  • In-line terminals for easy screw access and faster termination
  • Metal plate for additional robustness
  • Large terminals accommodating up to 4 x 2.5mm cables
  • Clear cover showcasing the new Iconic terminal
  • Strip length indicator